A selection of just some of our beautiful gowns

This page is regularly updated to show some of our current styles. Even more styles in store!  For more details or to make an appointment call us on 01392 493814.

Audrey (BE034W712-2880117)
Betsy (BE0361049-3650117)
Cheryl (BE0229104A-1390117)
Chloe (BE0227161-4700117)
Dakota (BE0229089A-1000117)
Eliza (BE0361044-3500117)
Grace (BE0227222-3850117)
Katie (BE0229099A-1130117)
Mariah (BE0229085A-1340117)
Michaela (BE034W621-2480117)
Nadine (BE03416338-2980117)
Phoebe (BE0227221-3900117)
Trisha (BE0227202D-5050117)
Vogue (BE0361052-4650117)
Astoria (BE033ASTORIA-1501116)
Imperia (BE033IMPERIA-0851116)
Siena (BE033SIENA-1051116)
Fabia (BE033TAPAZIA-1050916)

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