About Your Visit to Bridal Emporium



You are sure of a warm welcome at The Bridal Emporium where you can be certain to expect a lot of personal attention by our professional staff whose job it is to help you find that perfect bridal gown. Unlike flicking through magazines or browsing web pages, here you can actually see, touch and try-on potential gowns. Here are a few tips of what to expect when visiting us when looking for that special dress;



Although appointments are not always necessary when looking for wedding gowns, we do prefer our customers to make an appointment so we can listen to your ideas, guide and advise you to the parts of our collections which we think would you’d love. Of course we never turn anyone away who does just turn up, but we do give priority to those with appointments, so it may be a little time before we are able to get to you to give our undivided attention. We can get especially busy on Saturdays, so you may prefer to come in on a weekday.


Before Your Visit

It's a good idea to try and get a picture in your mind of what you want your dress to look like. One detail in particular you should try to have in mind is what shape of you want. Different shapes or “silhouettes” of dresses have different implications for varying body shapes and sizes.

Most wedding gowns fall under four basic silhouettes;

1.         Ball gown (the most traditional of the categories, has a full bodice and waistline that leads to a very full skirt)

2.         Empire (has a high waistline which falls to a slimmer skirt)

3.         A-line or princess (features vertical seams flowing from the shoulders down to an A-shaped flared skirt)

4.         Column or fishtail which closely follows the line of the body.

Of course, we are here to help guide you and point out the features of each dress and how you might look in each.


Bring ONE Trusted Friend or Family Member!

Although we are always happy to help and advise you, we recommend that you bring along someone else whose opinion you really respect and trust; maybe a very close friend or your mother, or bridesmaid. Their point of view can reassure you in your quest for that perfect dress. Of course, do remember though, it is your wedding, so it’s your final decision! It’s also very important you do limit the number of people who come with you, as too many opinions are likely to confuse you and will probably just lead to a frustrating experience.


Trying On

We will assist you whilst trying-on bridal dresses and show you the easiest way of putting on each gown and the way they fasten-up. It is important that when you wear a gown you do so in the way that the designer intended and we will help you get it looking just right! Also some gowns have delicate features that we may wish to bring your attention.



When you have found your dream wedding dress from us, we will then normally order a gown for you in your chosen size, colour etc. If you wish, we may be also be able to customise the original design of your gown, for example adding straps or perhaps a halter-neck, adding sleeves or making a matching jacket or additional embellishments such as extra  beading.

We normally ask for a 50% deposit of the cost of your dress with the balance being payable when the dress is in stock.

There may be a wait of several weeks before we receive your gown, so we normally recommend that you allow a minimum of at least six months before your wedding for your gown to arrive and to have any necessary fittings and alterations carried out which may be necessary. For those who have left ordering their gown a little late, we can often offer an express ordering service, where a selection of gowns can be delivered to us in as little as 4 weeks. Of course, not all of our dresses have to be especially ordered in, sometimes it is possible to buy from the gowns we have in stock or one of our fabulous sale gowns that we always have in stock at bargain prices. So, with our vast range, we can always accommodate brides whose wedding may be sooner.

Another point to consider when ordering your wedding dress is that some brides may vary in dress size considerably in the months running-up to their wedding. We can advise on the size of dress you choose by the measurements we take from you at the time of your order, but bear in mind adjustments can be decided on and made after your fittings.



Once we have received your dress in-store, you may wish to have it altered slightly for a perfect fit. Our in-store dressmakers are happy to undertake any necessary alterations required for a reasonable extra charge. At your fittings, we can also help you choose lingerie, underwear, shoes etc to get the right look for your wedding gown, which will be necessary to maintain consistency throughout your fittings. Fittings are carried out by appointment only and are not usually available on Saturdays.



Following your fittings, your dress will be steamed and pressed before your collection date, which is all included in your alteration price. We recommend and are happy to store your gown right up to your wedding day.


After Your Wedding

We can arrange for your dress to be dry cleaned by specialists with years of experience in dealing in bridal fabrics. We also have storage boxes and breathable covers available so that you can safely keep your dress for years to come.