7 tips to finding the perfect shoes for your perfect day

For an increasing number of brides to be, the shoes are just as commanding as the wedding dress. At the Bridal emporium we have a selection of shoes to fit every brides perfect day as shoes are just as important! However there are a variety of options to consider when looking for those perfect shoes.

wedding shoe1. You have to wear these shoes…

Wobbling around on heels that are too high isn’t a good look. A lot of Brides forget when purchasing their perfect shoes that they will have to wear them from early in the morning till late at night, so when choosing the perfect pair you have to avoid purchasing shoes that might make your feet pinch or rub. If the shoes you choose are too narrow or too wide, by the end of the night your feet will probably be screaming at you to take them off.

2. Comfort is key
Make sure you wear your wedding shoes in before the big day, walk around with clean feet a few weeks before the day, by doing this you will be able to feel where the shoe is causing any rubbing and give yourself time to make any adjustments and stretch them out . This will also mean that the shoes will be moulded to your feet making them a lot more comfortable for the big day.

3. Sometimes bigger isn’t better
When choosing a shoe with a heel you should be careful what size to go for , make sure you choose a height that is comfortable, if you normally wear flats wear a smaller heel for the day, as a sudden desire to wear 6-inch heels maybe one of serious regret. Also consider if your husband would be embarrassed on the day if you are towering above him in your photos.

4. Have a back up plan
It is quite common to have two pair of shoes, one for the ceremony and one for the reception after. It is also a good plan to have a back up pair in case something happens such as a broken heel. Having a different pair of shoes such as flats means that you can dance the night away!

5.Treat your feet
Happy feet = A happy bride. A few days before the big day remember to schedule in a pedicure, this will mean your feet will be refreshed and ready for your wedding day.

6.Theme your shoes around the venue you are having
Open toe, strappy shoes can be perfect for a spring/summer wedding, but in winter a closed toe pair of court shoes will look elegant and more appropriate. For a garden wedding be aware that narrow heels on wet grass will not be practical.

7. Love at first sight
However most of all choose a pair of wedding shoes you will love, these will be the pair you remember as wearing on your big day, and will treasure in years to come.
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